Everyday Eisenman’s – Times Have Changed?

Tom Eisenman, writing in the introduction to Everyday Evangelism, says, “The world today is a tough place. People are in pain. People live in fear…People are used, abused and discarded. Everybody is banged up. Nobody knows which way to turn. The point is, things have gotten so bad that even the simplest acts of love and caring have become big news.

Wow…he’s really summed up the issues were facing with the Covid-19 pandemic, politicized rhetoric coming from the right and left, racism that’s being experienced on levels beyond belief, crime and violence erupting from peaceful protests, and so much more. Only he wrote this in 1987…33 years ago.

But then, he says something quite startling. In speaking of the world’s situation at the time, he writes it “should be a tremendous encouragement to us in the church.” How can that be you might be thinking? His rather surprising statement is based on his conclusion that “we are living in a day when the normal Christian person can make a huge contribution for Christ with even a moderate investment of love and kindness. Just a touch of love today can turn the world upside-down for Christ.”

We probably all know that the love he’s talking about is not that feeling we have being around that special someone. It’s about doing and caring for others and here are a few ideas I grabbed from an article at Project Inspired.

  1. Compliment a stranger when you see them doing something nice.
  2. Give someone a smile; they are contagious!
  3. Send a handwritten letter or card to a loved one.
  4. Start a conversation with someone who looks a little ‘down in the dumps.’
  5. Give a gift…anonymously.
  6. Volunteer…the gift of time is wonderful

Now, we don’t do good so that people will ask us what prompted our behavior, thus opening up a door to share the gospel. We love because it’s God’s greatest commandment. But when we love, the chances that people will be drawn to us, and that an opportunity to share will become a reality, can greatly increase.

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