Strengthening Your Evangelistic Efforts

Get Out There and Share Your Faith! Too often that’s what we hear (or think) when it comes to our responsibility to communicate the gospel with people we know. But according to Doug Powe, director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership, focusing on four key practices can demystify the concept of evangelism.

Before digging into each individual practice, he says, “For some, evangelism is an important objective, but the methods of pursuing it are vague or ineffective. For others, the term itself is uncomfortable, bringing to mind doctrinally rigid or manipulative ways of leading people to faith. Focusing on the characteristics of biblical evangelism can help demystify evangelism and strengthen our evangelistic efforts.”

He then lists and explains the four practices — proclamation, community, service, and witness. I think these are worth studying and that’s why, as part of today’s Character Challenge post, I’m encouraging you to check out his article.

What Other Steps Can You Take?

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  • Motor into Evangelism-ville by reading my Top 10 Reasons to Prefer Evangelism over Riding a Bus.
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