Little’s Bits: Don’t Pony Up the Phony

I went looking online for some reasons people don’t like Christians and found an article by Tony Morgan, the Founder and Lead Strategist of a group that helps leaders grow healthy churches. Wait…someone who works with pastors wrote about why he didn’t like Christians?

At first I thought this wouldn’t work and started thinking of looking for an article by a non-Christian. But then I realized that if a Christian could find fault with fellow believers, maybe that’s just what I needed. Mr. Morgan identified 10 Reasons he didn’t like some Christians but I’m going to focus on #8 – They are fake – because it fits perfectly with a quote from Paul Little’s book, How to Give Away Your Faith.

Tony wrote, ” They dress up a certain way on Sunday and they live as completely different people the rest of the week.” That sounds very similar to this longer quote from Paul Little…

“Our non-Christian contemporaries are looking for something real. What we offer them must be genuine enough to withstand a careful and thorough probing. Sick of phony solutions, they’re even more fed up with phony people. They aren’t fooled by the pious person whose religion goes only skin-deep.”

Ouch! If I’m honest, that hurts because it’s true about me to some degree, and I fear, about most of us too. We’re not perfect so there will be times where our phoniness stands out plainly for others to see. But with God’s help, we can minimize the times we live opposite of how we say we should live. And when that happens, we’ll more likely be used by Him to impact an unsaved life with the gospel.

What’s Next?

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