How’s Your Testimony

There’s a truth applicable to all professing Christians…we either have a testimony or not. By the time I reached high school, no one had ever asked me if I was a Christian but, if they had, I would have said yes. I might even have been able to tell them why I felt that way…I would have been wrong.

It wasn’t until after my discharge from the Marine Corps that I passed, from being someone who knew God existed, to a person who was a real Christian. I had a story to tell after that point and learning to tell it well has been a life-long process for me. And that’s what today’s post is all about.

My friend, Chris Walker is the Evangelism Coach, and in one of his blog posts, he talks about The Power of Testimony. We may not think much about our story of coming to Christ, but God can use it to bring others closer to, or all the way into, a saving relationship with His Son.

Chris’s article provides some valuable suggestions for crafting our testimony, offers a free download to help develop our story, and suggests some other articles that could provide beneficial help in our evangelism efforts. It definitely belongs with the other articles in my ‘Readables’ category.

Want More Help?

Got a testimony you want to improve? Don’t have a clue how to get started with your story? Not sure what a testimony is? If these or other questions apply to you, feel free to get in touch and I’ll do all I can to help. P.S. It’s Free!

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