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Today’s ‘Character Challenge’ is all about letting others know what’s going on in your evangelistic endeavors. Thom Rainer wrote an article several years ago that still is worth thinking about today.

He said that believers who effectively share the gospel exhibit clear patterns of behavior which he terms “the seven characteristics of highly evangelistic Christians.” We’re looking at one of them today…

Be Accountable to Someone for Your Evangelistic Activities

We all probably know how easy it is to decide on something that needs to be done only to see the completion of the project never materialize. Good intentions aren’t always the cement that binds our list of things to do. But there is a way to increase the likelihood of a task getting done.

Give a friend the right to check-up on your progress and you just might find the necessary motivation to carry through with your plan. You could meet weekly or monthly with your partner but the main thing is to grant them the authority to ask you, very specifically, how much progress you’ve made.

What Are Some Things They Could Ask

You’ve told them one or more of the following steps you want to take…

  • I want to pray for a friend daily
  • I intend to share the gospel with my sister
  • I need to learn how to be a better communicator of the gospel

At an agreed upon time, they check in with you and ask for updates on your plan of action. Now, doing evangelistic work because you don’t want to admit to your partner that you failed to meet your goal, is not the best reason to work on sharing your faith, but it’s better than not being evangelistic at all, and, over time, you could find that the accountability factor gives you the encouragement you need to be out there for Christ.

What Else Might Challenge You

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