The Seven Steps

A writer starts typing furiously when an idea strikes and may never know the extent of their words on the reading public and others. Such might be the case with Howard Belben’s quote in The Mission of Jesus; the subject for today’s ‘Comments on Quotes‘ post.

“When the lost are lost, what matters most is that they should be found, and when they are found there is cause for joy in heaven.”

The quote comes in Chapter Two of his book, which deals with the approach of Jesus to the lost. There are seven things He did in relating to people, and one or more just might be something we need to add in our interactions with friends, family and acquaintances. Here are the Seven Steps!

  • He offered people His friendship
  • He started where they were
  • He listened to what they had to say
  • He sought the root of their problems
  • He took their questions seriously
  • He sometimes asked favors of them
  • He did not force Himself upon them

Which of these is easiest for you to incorporate into relationships? Which is most difficult?

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