Fear of Failure

Who hasn’t had that ‘fear in the gut’ feeling when getting ready to share their faith? Yet, we can take some reassurance from today’s quote in”How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out”.

“Talking about Jesus is taking a risk–and risk, by definition, involves the chance of failure. The thing to remember is that the outcome of a discussion about Jesus is not up to you.”

“But wait”, people say. “I have to convince them or they won’t make it to heaven. ” Actually, the convincing is done by the work of the Spirit. God might use the words you speak to do that convincing or He might work in a million other ways to accomplish the same end result.

What God wants from us is clarity and accuracy. Don’t tell your friends that eating fresh watermelon or buying a new car every 5 years will get them to heaven. Share with them it’s having complete trust that Christ’s death on the cross erased everything we’ve ever done wrong in God’s eyes and because of that faith God will welcome us.

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