They’re Not Listening

You have so much valuable information about your Savior to tell friends and family, but it seems like they never really listen; even after giving you the green light to share. So what can you try?

In today’s Readables post, I’m directing you to and an article written by Erika Andersen in April 2012. It’s title, 3 Simple Ways to Get People to Listen to You, should encourage many to give it a read, because that’s exactly what we want…people to listen to us.

But, let’s suppose you’re just too busy to read an entire article, no matter how helpful it is. Well, I’ve got the answer for you, if that describes where your at as you read this. At the bottom of her article, in 38 words, she sums up her piece and that alone could be helpful to your goal of getting more listeners.

And I wouldn’t be surprised that after you read the summary of her 3 points, you’ll want to check out the entire article.

What Else is Out There

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