Ever Plant Anything

In Eastern Washington where I now live, planting seeds is as much a part of life, for many, as breathing.  But what about “watching for those moments where you can plant a seed in a natural sort of conversation”?

That’s the way Chris Walker, the writer behind EvangelismCoach.org, started a post titled, Take the Risk, Offer to Pray.  The encounter he goes on to tell about doesn’t end particularly well, but as he points out, we never know what God is going to do with our actions.

I’d suggest reading his article and then giving some thought to how God might want to use your prayers in the lives of family and friends, and maybe even acquaintances or total strangers.  And if evangelism scares the Bible belt right off your pants, maybe ‘just’ praying for someone could move you toward sharing the gospel.

What’s Next?

Well, you could try…


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