Take a Step Back

You want your friend to take that final step toward faith but they seem so far off and you wonder if it will ever happen.  What are you to do?  Think L.P.L.T.

Michael Green, in his book, One to One, says that, regardless of where the actual step of commitment occurs, the preparation has been done “by that friend or relative through Love, Prayer, consistent Living, and gracious, appropriate Testimony”, L.P.L.T.  Let’s take a look at each one.

  • Love: This does not mean we ignore things that are harmful or wrong in our friend’s lives but how we address those issues and the way we act toward them on a day to day basis, should scream LOVE like they’ve never seen before.
  • Prayer: In reality, we don’t have any power, of our own, to move an unrepentant heart toward the cross of Christ.  But we can petition the Lord on our friend’s behalf and that is where the power lies.
  • Living: We won’t be perfect and our friends know that but they also have an idea of how Christians should act.  Perhaps, more than anything else, we need to be honest and humble with them…if we aren’t acting like Christ, apologize.
  • Testimony: When we’re loving deeply, praying regularly, and living more and more Christ like, we just may get an opportunity to share more of the gospel with them and that can be our hope and prayer.  And when you get that blessed opportunity, don’t blow it like I did.

Think L.P.L. or T. can help you?  Let me hear from you about the one you’re going to work on or check out one or more of these ideas…

  1. Seek an Almighty God
  2. Smell the Ever Green’s
  3. Build Your Confidence


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