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Get Ready, Get Set…

Here’s a passage some people wish couldn’t be found in Scripture… “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have .  But do this with gentleness and … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Learn a New Language

This post will likely sound strange, perhaps even heretical, coming from an evangelistic ministry, but hear me out please.  I don’t think evangelism captures the heart of God like love.  There…I’ve said it. I wish it were different because truth … Continue reading

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Ever Green’s – A New PM

“It is an awesome privilege to represent the living God.  And it is a compelling motive, too.”  Michael Green;  One to One Privilege; Motive; a new PM.  There are 175 PM’s according to one source, but we’ve added one more … Continue reading

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Walk Through That Door

Can sharing the gospel really be as easy as explaining how to walk through a door?  In the middle of my talk at a church recently, I walked out of the building after making the statement that sharing our faith is … Continue reading

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New Kid on the Block

Step aside duck and cover.  There’s a new practice in town; stop and talk.  Duck and cover was a phrase, popular in the 1950s, to describe the immediate actions necessary to protect yourself in the event of a nuclear explosion.  Stop … Continue reading

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It’s Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Those without Christ can have so many questions and how we answer won’t always sound the same from person to person, even when the information we give is identical.  Postmodern Spirituality takes a look at these three challenging questions… Why … Continue reading

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Why Can’t They Rejoice?

Happy Easter!  Our hearts are over flowing with joy because we’re convinced our Savior has indeed risen from the dead and our faith in this gives us life eternal with our Father. In the midst of this rejoicing, while desperately … Continue reading

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Books on Relational Evangelism

I’ve read number 1, 2, 6 & 10 on this list.  Which one(s) have you read?  What was helpful about it?  Would you recommend a different book on evangelism? If you haven’t read any of them, here’s another list…maybe you’ve … Continue reading

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Presents or Presence – The Choice is Ours

Getting a present you’ve always dreamed of is wonderful and many Christmas memories are filled with great gifts of the past.  Giving to others can be a wonderful tradition too.  It’s not always easy to know exactly what to give … Continue reading

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Support Shorts: Look Who’s on Facebook

That’s right…Share the Savior is on Facebook, but not just once.  We have two pages with more in the works.  Here’s the rundown… Share the Savior – Our ministry’s primary page on Facebook is designed to be an encouraging and … Continue reading

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